Modify Filter

The Modify Filter plugin allows you to modify a set of keys under a new key

Example usage

As an example using JSON notation to,

  • Rename 'Key2toRenamedKey`
  • Add a key OtherKey with value Value3 if OtherKey does not yet exist

Example (input)

  "Key1"     : "Value1",
  "Key2"     : "Value2"

Example (output)

  "Key1"       : "Value1",
  "RenamedKey" : "Value2",
  "OtherKey"   : "Value3"

Configuration Parameters

The plugin supports the following configuration parameters:

Key Value Format Description
Add_if_not_present FIELD VALUE Add a record with key FIELD and value VALUE if FIELD is not present
Rename FIELD RENAMED_FIELD Rename a record with key FIELD to RENAMED_FIELD

Getting Started

In order to start filtering records, you can run the filter from the command line or through the configuration file. The following invokes the Memory Usage Input Plugin, which outputs the following (example),

[0] memory: [1488543156, {""=>1016044, "Mem.used"=>841388, ""=>174656, ""=>2064380, "Swap.used"=>139888, ""=>1924492}]
[1] memory: [1488543157, {""=>1016044, "Mem.used"=>841420, ""=>174624, ""=>2064380, "Swap.used"=>139888, ""=>1924492}]
[2] memory: [1488543158, {""=>1016044, "Mem.used"=>841420, ""=>174624, ""=>2064380, "Swap.used"=>139888, ""=>1924492}]
[3] memory: [1488543159, {""=>1016044, "Mem.used"=>841420, ""=>174624, ""=>2064380, "Swap.used"=>139888, ""=>1924492}]

Command Line

Note: Using the command line mode requires quotes parse the wildcard properly. The use of a configuration file is recommended.

The following command will load the mem plugin. Then the nest filter will match the wildcard rule to the keys and nest the keys matching Mem.* under the new key NEST.

bin/fluent-bit -i mem \
  -p 'tag=mem.local' \
  -F modify \
  -p 'Add_if_not_present=Service1 SOMEVALUE' \
  -p 'Add_if_not_present=Service2 SOMEVALUE3' \
  -p 'Add_if_not_present=Mem.total2 TOTALMEM2' \
  -p ' MEMFREE' \
  -p 'Rename=Mem.used MEMUSED' \
  -p ' SWAPTOTAL' \
  -p ' TOTALMEM' \
  -m '*' \
  -o stdout

Configuration File

    Name mem
    Tag  mem.local

    Name  stdout
    Match *

    Name modify
    Match *
    Add_if_not_present Service1 SOMEVALUE
    Add_if_not_present Service3 SOMEVALUE3
    Add_if_not_present Mem.total2 TOTALMEM2
    Rename MEMFREE
    Rename Mem.used MEMUSED
    Rename SWAPTOTAL
    Add_if_not_present TOTALMEM


The output of both the command line and configuration invocations should be identical and result in the following output.

[2018/04/06 01:35:13] [ info] [engine] started
[0] mem.local: [1522980610.006892802, {""=>4050908, "MEMUSED"=>738100, "MEMFREE"=>3312808, "SWAPTOTAL"=>1046524, "Swap.used"=>0, ""=>1046524, "Service1"=>"SOMEVALUE", "Service3"=>"SOMEVALUE3", "Mem.total2"=>"TOTALMEM2"}]
[1] mem.local: [1522980611.000658288, {""=>4050908, "MEMUSED"=>738068, "MEMFREE"=>3312840, "SWAPTOTAL"=>1046524, "Swap.used"=>0, ""=>1046524, "Service1"=>"SOMEVALUE", "Service3"=>"SOMEVALUE3", "Mem.total2"=>"TOTALMEM2"}]
[2] mem.local: [1522980612.000307652, {""=>4050908, "MEMUSED"=>738068, "MEMFREE"=>3312840, "SWAPTOTAL"=>1046524, "Swap.used"=>0, ""=>1046524, "Service1"=>"SOMEVALUE", "Service3"=>"SOMEVALUE3", "Mem.total2"=>"TOTALMEM2"}]
[3] mem.local: [1522980613.000122671, {""=>4050908, "MEMUSED"=>738068, "MEMFREE"=>3312840, "SWAPTOTAL"=>1046524, "Swap.used"=>0, ""=>1046524, "Service1"=>"SOMEVALUE", "Service3"=>"SOMEVALUE3", "Mem.total2"=>"TOTALMEM2"}]

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