Fluentd and Fluent Bit

Data collection matters and nowadays the scenarios from where the information can come from are very variable. For hence to be more flexible on certain markets needs, we may need different options. On this page we will describe the relationship between the Fluentd and Fluent Bit open source projects.

Fluentd and Fluent Bit projects are both created and sponsored by Treasure Data and they aim to solve the data collection needs but on different scenarios and environments, the following table describe a comparisson on different areas of the projects:

Fluentd Fluent Bit
Scope Servers Embedded & IoT devices
Language C & Ruby C
Memory ~20MB ~150KB
Performance High Performance High Performance
Dependencies Built as a Ruby Gem, it requires a certain number of gems. Zero dependencies, unless some special plugin requires them.
Plugins More than 300 plugins available Around 15 plugins available
License Apache License v2.0 Apache License v2.0

As described in the table, if the target environment is a server with common capacity, Fluentd is a great option due to it flexibility and availability of plugins (more than 300 extensions!) but if the data collection will happen in an Embedded environment or an IoT device where the system capacity is restricted, Fluent Bit is the solution to use.

Both tools are not mutual exclusive, Fluent Bit provides and output plugin to flush the information to a Fluentd instance, so they can work together in your architecture or as independent services.