Azure Log Analytics

Azure output plugin allows to ingest your records into Azure Log Analytics service.

To get more details about how to setup the Azure Log Analytics please refer to the following documentation: Azure Log Analytics

Configuration Parameters

Key Description default
Customer_ID Customer ID or WorkspaceID string.
Shared_Key The primary or the secondary Connected Sources client authentication key.
Log_Type The name of the event type. fluentbit

Getting Started

In order to insert records into a Azure, you can run the plugin from the command line or through the configuration file:

Command Line

The azure plugin, can read the parameters from the command line in two ways, through the -p argument (property), e.g:

$ fluent-bit -i cpu -o azure -p customer_id=abc -p shared_key=def -m '*' -f 1

Configuration File

In your main configuration file append the following Input & Output sections:

    Name  cpu

    Name        azure
    Match       *
    Customer_ID abc
    Shared_Key  def

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