Kafka REST Proxy

The kafka-rest output plugin, allows to flush your records into a Kafka REST Proxy server. The following instructions assumes that you have a fully operational Kafka REST Proxy and Kafka services running in your environment.

Configuration Parameters

Key Description default
Host IP address or hostname of the target Kafka REST Proxy server
Port TCP port of the target Kafka REST Proxy server 8082
Topic Set the Kafka topic fluent-bit
Partition Set the partition number (optional)
Message_Key Set a message key (optional)
Time_Key The Time_Key property defines the name of the field that holds the record timestamp. @timestamp
Time_Key_Format Defines the format of the timestamp. %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S
Include_Tag_Key Aappend the Tag name to the final record. Off
Tag_Key If Include_Tag_Key is enabled, this property defines the key name for the tag. _flb-key


Kafka REST Proxy output plugin supports TTL/SSL, for more details about the properties available and general configuration, please refer to the TLS/SSL section.

Getting Started

In order to insert records into a Kafka REST Proxy service, you can run the plugin from the command line or through the configuration file:

Command Line

The kafka-rest plugin, can read the parameters from the command line in two ways, through the -p argument (property), e.g:

$ fluent-bit -i cpu -t cpu -o kafka-rest -p host= -p port=8082 -m '*'

Configuration File

In your main configuration file append the following Input & Output sections:

    Name  cpu
    Tag   cpu

    Name        kafka-rest
    Match       *
    Port        8082
    Topic       fluent-bit
    Message_Key my_key

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