The Parser Filter plugin allows to parse field in event records.

Configuration Parameters

The plugin supports the following configuration parameters:

Key Description Default
Key_Name Specify field name in record to parse.
Parser Specify the name of a parser to interpret the field.
Reserve_Data Keep original key-value pair in parsed result. False
Unescape_Key If the key is a escaped string (e.g: stringify JSON), unescape the string before to apply the parser. False

Getting Started

Configuration File

This is an example to parser a record {"data":"100 0.5 true This is example"}.

The plugin needs parser file which defines how to parse field.

    Name dummy_test
    Format regex
    Regex ^(?<INT>[^ ]+) (?<FLOAT>[^ ]+) (?<BOOL>[^ ]+) (?<STRING>.+)$

The path of parser file should be written in configuration file at [SERVICE] section.

    Parsers_File /path/to/parsers.conf

    Name dummy
    Dummy {"data":"100 0.5 true This is example"}

    Name parser
    Match dummy.*
    Key_Name data
    Parser dummy_test

    Name stdout
    Match *

The output is

$ fluent-bit -c dummy.conf
Fluent-Bit v0.12.0
Copyright (C) Treasure Data

[2017/07/06 22:33:12] [ info] [engine] started
[0] [1499347993.001371317, {"INT"=>"100", "FLOAT"=>"0.5", "BOOL"=>"true", "STRING"=>"This is example"}]
[1] [1499347994.001303118, {"INT"=>"100", "FLOAT"=>"0.5", "BOOL"=>"true", "STRING"=>"This is example"}]
[2] [1499347995.001296133, {"INT"=>"100", "FLOAT"=>"0.5", "BOOL"=>"true", "STRING"=>"This is example"}]
[3] [1499347996.001320284, {"INT"=>"100", "FLOAT"=>"0.5", "BOOL"=>"true", "STRING"=>"This is example"}]

You can see the record {"data":"100 0.5 true This is example"} are parsed.

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