Unit Sizes

Certain configuration directives in Fluent Bit refers to unit sizes such as when defining the size of a buffer or specific limits, we can find these in plugins like Tail Input, Forward Input or in generic properties like Mem_Buf_Limit.

Starting from Fluent Bit v0.11.10, all unit sizes have been standarizes across the core and plugins, the following table describe the options that can be used and what do they mean:

Suffix Description Example
When a suffix is not specified, it's assumed that the value given is a bytes representation. Specifying a value of 32000, means 32000 bytes
k, K, KB, kb Kilobyte: a unit of memory equal to 1,000 bytes. 32k means 32000 bytes.
m, M, MB, mb Megabyte: a unit of memory equal to 1,000,000 bytes 1M means 1000000 bytes
g, G, GB, gb Gigabyte: a unit of memory equal to 1,000,000,000 bytes 1G means 1000000000 bytes

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