We provides the means for the collection, organization and computerized retrieval of knowledgeand Lightweight Data Forwarder for Linux, BSD, macOS and Windows.

March 1, 2022


Release Notes v1.8.13

Fluent Bit is a Fast and Lightweight Data Processor and Forwarder for Linux, BSD and OSX. We are proud to announce the availability of Fluent Bit v1.8.13.

For people upgrading from previous versions you must read the Upgrading Notes section of our documentation:



Fluent Bit v1.8.13 is the stable release!, new changes on this version:


  • tls: add support to load system certificates on Windows
  • metrics_exporter: use flb_hs_push_health_metrics when health check is registered
  • parser: initialize multiline parser_ctx to NULL
  • hash: add new API to check if hash exists
  • input: initialize cmetrics to zero
  • ra_key: reverse order of map lookup when extracting values
  • output_thread: fix size of message 0xdeadbeef to stop the thread
  • http_server: health: modify qid of metrics
  • http_server: add function to ingest health metrics
  • filter: initialize cmetrics to zero
  • base64: fork mbedtls 2.25.0 base64 utility to avoid 2.26.0+ performance hit
  • plugins: in_http: memory leak correction
  • output: allow to define a number of workers
  • output: initialize cmetrics to zero
  • http_client: fix wrong host header when using proxy (#4816)
  • pack: add java_sql_timestamp format (#4822)
  • pack: ensure minimum allocation is 256 bytes (unit test)
  • pack: enhance memory allocation strategy for large JSON payloads


  • lib: chunkio: upgrade to v1.1.6
  • lib: monkey: sync capacity improvement and channel release fix



On every release, there are many people involved doing contributions on different areas like bug reporting, troubleshooting, documentation and coding, without these contributions from the community, the project won’t be the same and won’t be in the good shape that it is now. So THANK YOU! to everyone who takes part of this journey!

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