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Release Notes v1.0.5

Fluent Bit is a Fast and Lightweight Data Forwarder for Linux, BSD and OSX. We are proud to announce the availability of Fluent Bit v1.0.5.


This is a minor release over 1.0 series that includes the following changes:

  • Core
    • engine: fix SIGSEGV while flb_shutdown() on select/libevent backend (#1085)
    • tests: runtime: filter_kubernetes: test ‘exclude’ property
    • tests: internal: pack: validate return value of msgpack_unpack_next()
    • unescape: fix escape validator, add missing \r, \t, \f and \b (#1074)
    • log: add a missing FLB_TLS_INIT call for flb_log_ctx (#1080)
    • docs: contributing: fix typo s/pacth or patches/patches (#1049)
    • utils: protect flb_utils_split() from null input (#1150)
    • parser: json: validate return value of msgpack_unpack_next()
    • parser: initialize “types” to NULL explicitly (#1096)
    • storage: destroy references to input chunks on exit
    • build: on install files, check for systemd first and install plugins.conf (#1089)
    • mp: validate return value of msgpack_unpack_next()
    • plugins: validate return value of msgpack_unpack_next()
    • test: http client test segfaults in macOS. (#1097)
    • test: runtime: filter_kubernetes: fix test for excluded logs (#1087)
    • hash: make flb_hash_get to work with non-null terminated strings (#1216)
    • config: fix SIGSEGV errors on shutdown of input plugins (#1081)
    • pack: gelf: allow valid level 7 (#1165)
    • pack: gelf: fix printf %.*s arguments order. (#1132)
    • pack: gelf: fix wrong warn gelf-level (#912)
    • pack: validate return value of msgpack_unpack_next()
  • Plugins
    • Systemd (Input)
      • Fix strip_underscores (adds extra character to value) #904
    • Stdin (Input)
      • Prevent double free / use after free of msgpack buffer (#1052)
    • Cpu (Input)
      • Extend to support sec.nanosecond for sub-second sample rate (#1122)
    • Exec (Input)
      • Add buf_size property for exec plugin (#1116)
    • Lua (Filter)
      • Fix casting of int64 value (#1103)
    • Kubernetes (Filter)
      • Remove old-duplicated function
      • Allow user to decide whether they want to include labels (#1129)
      • Extract docker_id and container_hash from kubernetes api (#1131)
    • HTTP (Output)
      • Add user-agent header (#1058)
      • Add epoch option for json_date_format (#1111)
    • Bigquery (Output)
      • On flb_sds_cat(), override pointer with returned value (cid 185635, 185623)
    • Kafka (Output)
      • Add timestamp_format to kafka output (#1086)
    • File (Output)
      • Fix leaks when exiting on exception (cid 185662, 185672)
    • Stackdriver (Output)
      • Added support of metadata server and gce_instance resource. (#1073)
    • Elasticsearch (Output)
      • Fix elasticsearch_error_check, add trace_error output (#1148)
      • Validate mem allocation and fail upon exception (cid 185622)
      • Add path option. fixes #900. (#901)
      • Add logstash_prefix_key support (#698)
      • Add current_time_index option (pr #512, #454)
    • Forward (Output)
      • Don’t assumed ‘secure’ mode just because TLS is on.


We would like to thanks to the following people who have been involved doing coding, bug fixes, troubleshooting, documentation, reporting issues and general contributions on this release:

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