We provides the means for the collection, organization and computerized retrieval of knowledgeand Lightweight Data Forwarder for Linux, BSD and OSX. We are proud to announce the availability of Fluent Bit v0.11.0.

Release Notes v0.11.0

Fluent Bit is a Fast and Lightweight Data Forwarder for Linux, BSD and OSX. We are proud to announce the availability of Fluent Bit v0.11.0.


This release is a major version, several new features have been added:


  • Pack: new function to convert Msgpack to JSON
  • Regex: new internal interface to provide regex support to the core and plugins.
  • Hash: new hashing interface.
  • Environment: Fluent Bit now is aware about environment variables and allow to set and use specific variables in configuration files.
  • Thread: ucontext backend deprecated. Everything is handled by libco now.
  • Logging fixed for master process.
  • HTTP Client: map payload content in response.
  • New option -R to load parsers file.


  • A new Parsers interface have been added. From now plugins can take advante of built-in parsing support. Given a collected log/string, when applyng a parser rule it’s possible to capture specific fields and convert the unstructure log to a structured one.
  • The parsers are defined in a configuration file, the parsing can be based in a regular expression or mapping a direct JSON format. It also supports time format lookup.

Libraries / Dependencies

  • Onigmo: new Regex engine.
  • SQLite3 upgraded to v3.16.1.
  • cJSON deprecated (finally).


  • New Filtering plugin architecture.
  • filter_kubernetes: new filter to enrich logs with Kubernetes metadata. It append POD and container info gathered locally from file names and from the API server.
  • filter_grep: new grep filter. It supports regex and exclude modes.


  • Refactored Golang interface for output plugins


  • Fix initialization mode and make it more friendly for daemon mode.


  • input plugins: msgpack buffers now are handled by Fluent Bit Core, input plugins uses new API to ingest data.
  • in_tail: add support for parsing, new Parser configuration key.
  • in_tail: add support to append file name to the tags when a wildcard is specified.
  • in_tail: add support to append file name in the record map through path_key option.
  • in_proc: new features to collect memory usage and count open file descriptors by process.
  • in_mem: adjustments to generate info similar to free(1) command.
  • in_disk: new plugin to gather disks metrics.
  • in_forward: add support for PackedForward mode (used by Fluentd).

Output Plugins

  • out_flowcounter: support counters for different inputs.
  • out_lib: support JSON output.
  • out_file: new plugin to write records to the file system.
  • out_es (Elasticsearch): new support for logstash format.
  • out_es (Elasticsearch): add support for nested fields.
  • out_es (Elasticsearch): fix buffering realloc logic.
  • out_nats: enable by default.
  • out_influxdb: fix buffering realloc logic.


We would like to thanks to the following people who have been involved doing coding, bug fixes, troubleshooting, reporting issues and general contributions on this release:

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