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Release Notes v0.10.0

Fluent Bit is a Fast and Lightweight Data Forwarder for Linux, BSD and OSX. We are proud to announce the availability of Fluent Bit v0.10.0.


This version is a major release: v0.10, here is a list of the most relevant changes:

  • Core

    • New support for Golang plugins!.
    • Pipe: new internal interface for pipe usage/emulation (abstraction).
    • Windows compatible (experimental).
    • New Database backend powered by SQLite3.
    • Proxy: new proxy-plugin interface.
    • IO: fix connection event mask handling.
    • Bin: rename option 'logfile' to 'log_file'.
    • in_tcp: prevent allocate zero bytes and cleanups.
    • in_health: prevent segfault when hostname is not given.
    • Many cleanups...
  • Plugins

    • in_tail: new plugin to tail files!.
    • out_influxdb: new InfluxDB output plugin.
    • out_flowcounter: new records counter plugin.
    • out_counter: new simple records counter plugin.
    • out_td: use new Miniz library for gzip compression.
  • Libraries

    • lib/msgpack-c: upgrade to GIT version 0b7cabd.
    • lib/monkey: sync dev updates from runtime engine.
    • lib/mbedtls: upgrade version to 2.4.1.


We would like to thanks to the following people who have been involved doing coding, bug fixes, troubleshooting, reporting issues and general contributions on this release:

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